Dear Students and Parents,

The transition from Jr. high to high school is an exciting and challenging time. It is a pivotal event in the lives of students, one that requires support from parents, teachers, and administrators. Here at Milano High, our goal is to make your transition a positive one and ensure your success in 9th grade and beyond.

Attending high school brings with it new social and academic opportunities as well as challenges. It is a larger and more diverse with lots of fun activities and courses that may seem overwhelming at times. It is important that you seek out academic help early, get to know your teachers and take the initiative to join a club, sport, academic team or performing arts. Getting involved will help you make new friends and feel connected to the Milano High community.

This new experience will be fun and exciting as well as academically more challenging. It is going to require that you manage your time wisely, be organized and take responsibility for makeup work if you are absent. Take the time to set short term as well as long term goals, manage your time and seek help when you need it.

Parents, we invite you, whenever possible, to try to attend any school activity that is announced. Stay in contact with your child's teacher and work together for his/her success. Remember to check the parent portal for updated grades and attendance. If you do not know how to log-in, stop by the front office to get started right away. Helping your child when his/her struggles are small will help prevent them from getting bigger in the future. 9th grade is a time when kids are figuring out what it means to be a teenager. Stay close and be available when needed.

Our goal is to provide you with the resources and support to help you socially and academically throughout your 9th grade year and beyond. With all of us working together I am certain that you will accomplish your goals and have a successful school year. Please feel free to call, email or come by. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding 9th grade at Milano High School. We wish you all the best this coming school year!

Freshman Checklist

  • Begin to plan high school courses to prepare for college.
  • Strive for good grades! Be serious about your grades! Your GPA begins NOW and GPA/class rank are seriously affected by 9th grade courses/grades.
  • Become involved with a variety of activities. Remember, colleges and scholarship applications ask for evidence of leadership. Try to develop leadership skills by serving as a committee chairman or officer of clubs. Also, depth of involvement in any activity is very important because it shows focus and commitment. Volunteer work or community service is particularly impressive.
  • Start keeping a file with a list and information on school activities, test scores, report cards, honors, awards, leadership positions, employment, volunteer work, community activities, etc. Include everything. Include in the file the amount of hours per week in each activity. Colleges will look at this to determine the level of involvement. This file comes in handy when putting together a resume for college, job or scholarship applications.
  • Visit the library, bookstores, and the Internet to obtain college information.
  • Take a personality/self-study inventory to learn about yourself or what careers are the best fit for your personality.
  • Develop good study habits, organizational and time management skills.