Hello Everyone, 

As a 1988 graduate of Milano High School, I am honored to now serve the district as high school principal. I have made my home in Milano with my husband Gary and three sons, Treyton, Breyton, and Peyton. My years at Milano as a student set me on the path to where I am today. Having grown up and attended elementary school in Gause, I was accepted into this community as a transfer student and made to feel as if I were part of a family. I received an education at Milano that allowed me to continue to higher education and achieve my career goals but equally important was the love and acceptance that I received here at Milano. My greatest desire as high school principal is to make sure that every student under my leadership receives the education they deserve in order to pursue their goals and dreams. In addition, I am committed to ensuring that every student feels accepted, respected, and appreciated on my campus. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up and attend school in Milano, Texas where I was nurtured and cared for by staff, teachers, and administration. I now look forward to honoring those who led me here by doing for students today what they did for me. 


Catrina Steinbecker

Milano High School Principal